Friday, 27 July 2012

C A M D E N   T O W N   B R E W E R Y 

There's no crisps, snacks, not even a pork scratching but you can order in pizza if you like....and there's loads and loads of really good beer which is all anybody really needs. Afterall who needs food? (Ok, porkies you can get some tasty street food to go with the lovely beers)

It's a gem of a place tucked in some old railway arches and the antithesis of pseudo crappy bling bars. 10 mins walk from Chalk Farm tube station.

So what has beer got to do with design, well this little beauty for a start:
I spotted this design on a poster on the back of the toilet door and I must say I almost thought it might fall off and find its way into my bag. However being an ex-caf owner myself I thought this would be a terrible thing to happen, so by some fluke it stayed and I took a photo of it instead. I will ask the fellows at Camden Town Brewery if I might be able to purchase one at some time.

I had a pint of this.....

.......and I will definitely be back for more.
There's more info about Camden Town Brewery on their website at 

For now here's some more of their lovely bottle labels.

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